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Organizational Health Assessment

We can assess the health of your organization using a variety of consulting methods, with a particular focus on our unique emphasis on emotional intelligence (EI) as a central underpinning of how organizations create and sustain health among its relationships with clients and internal stakeholders (employees) alike.  The assessment begins with a validated instrument to gauge an individual’s level of EI. The results of this instrument will be a valuable resource to the individuals and provide the foundation upon which organizational health is created. The second assessment is our Organizational Emotional Intelligence Survey, created through research on successful organizations.  It is completed by individuals, on a Likert scale, responding to statements in areas of culture, climate, personal satisfaction, commitment to mission, and organizational learning. The results can analyzed by category/subject or organizational group/team.

Business Meeting

Organizational Diagnosis

Our organizational diagnosis service begins with reviewing your vision, mission, and goals and leadership philosophy.  Using our expertise in organizational analysis, we will integrate your market challenges and current objectives.  For example, are you anticipating a reorganization as a result of a merger or acquisition, experiencing a period of rapid growth, or dealing with a significant leadership change like retirement of the founder?  Our tailored process addresses your unique needs.

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Tailored Organizational Health Development Plan

By combining our uniquely designed organizational diagnoses and holistic consulting approach with your specific Organizational Health Assessment, we work directly with you to design an organizational health development plan that includes Action Learning engagements, coaching, training, and strategic consulting consistent with your needs and desires.  This comprehensive approach will help you get from where you are to where you want to go.

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