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What Sets Us Apart

Many airlines have adopted this common, but meaningful greeting; “we know you have many choices and we thank you for flying with us.” The same can be said for consulting firms. There are many out there from which to choose. Our uniqueness sets us apart from the rest because:

  • We are practitioners at heart: we have practiced what we consult for decades.

  • Our careers span from entry level through executive - which translates to being comfortable and professional when dealing with everyone in your organization – from new employees to the C-suite. In short, we have “been there, done that.”

  • We are also researchers and scholars by education: what we do must have face validity, statistical validity, and reliability. These traits are indispensable for building trust and credibility with our clients.

  • We have an unwavering commitment to meeting you where you are: not just geographically, but where you are with any problem or issue you’re facing. It is crucial that we are in sync with you at all times.

  • We are renowned experts in emotional intelligence, interpersonal skills, organizational development, change management, and strategic thinking/planning.

  • We have an extensive track record of successful consulting endeavors.

  • We have coaching credentials.

  • We are expert trainers and facilitators, having conducted workshops with over 10,000 professionals at all levels around the globe.

  • We’ve been engaged by several universities to teach a wide range of courses at the graduate (master’s and doctorate) levels in our areas of expertise.

  • We have won industry awards for our work.

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