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EIOrg Consulting

Creating Healthy Organizations Through Specialized Consulting

Healthy organizations require much more than a focus on the financial bottom line.  Building enduring relationships throughout any organization is at least equally essential to its success. This is where the unique value of EIOrg comes in: creating healthy organizations with a people-centered focus.

There has been significant research on individual-level emotional intelligence (EI). EIOrg takes this robust research to the next level: collective EI. By fueling the organization to become emotionally intelligent, leaders can build healthier, high performing, dynamic, resilient, and more sustainable organizations. In turn, collective EI promotes recruiting and retaining employees who are actively engaged in advocating and performing the organization’s vision, missions, and goals.  Negative consequences of low collective EI, such high turnover and low morale, should be reversed. The convergence of healthy individual and company-wide EI is a key underpinning of a strong positive culture.

EIOrg offers a wide range of consulting services with the necessary tools and expertise to help our clients build healthy organizations with high levels of EI. We have a longstanding and proven track record of working with clients at all levels.  As executives, we understand the strategic nature of business.  We seek to first understand, using disciplined research and practitioner approaches, in order to then develop evidence-based solutions and recommendations that are tailored to meet each client's needs. Our dedication, commitment, confidentiality, and unwavering work ethic will be catalysts to get you to "yes" and to provide enduring value for near-term resolution and long-term sustainment.

Image by Erol Ahmed
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